St Mark's small groups meet regularly to study the Bible, pray, and support one another in their faith journeys. The purpose of a small group is to foster deeper relationships among members, provide a space for open and honest conversation, and encourage personal growth in the context of community.

We encourage all our members to belong to a Small Group.

Each group is a dynamic unit of around eight people, dedicated to meeting together, seeking to grow and actively apply faith in Jesus to their daily lives, and reaching out to others.

Members should support each other (as well as others beyond the group) emotionally, with practical help, and through prayer, all in God’s power through biblical teaching and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Our key values

As a church we believe that we are "Called" to follow Christ. The key values for our groups are:

Christ centered
All involved
Loving community
Learning together
Evangelistic Heart
Demonstrative service

What we do

This varies a lot from group to group, but generally includes refreshments and general chat, Bible Study and prayer for one another and for St Mark’s.

Material for study is usually chosen by groups themselves, depending on their needs and interests. Once a year, often for Lent, all groups are encouraged to study the same materials, supported by the sermon series.

Pastoral care is another aspect of small groups and much practical, emotional and spiritual support has been provided by group members, not just to one another, but also to those who are not able to attend groups.

Social activities feature in most groups as does supporting different church events – including being involved in leading services.

When we meet

We have 8 groups, most meeting weekly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

How do I join?

Either by asking someone about their group or by speaking to our Small Group Coordinator Amanda di Giovanni. You can contact her via the church office.

Am I signing up for life?


We strongly believe that it is important to find the right group for you, so you are welcome to try a few until you find one that you feel at home in.